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Live Dental

Catch Live All the Dental Action Across India

Mobilizing the dental expertise and showcasing the global as well as local dental technology and advancing treatment practices, Livedental.in is a portal for live broadcast of major dental events. In line with the trends of modern webcasting, LiveDental is focused on sharing and extending the knowledge and communication of popular dental happenings across India like exhibitions, conferences and lectures, workshops, webinars etc.

Taking this knowledge to remote areas and spreading awareness, LiveDental is unparalleled in providing dental webcasting services. From simply covering exhibitions and seminars to interviewing the key attendees and visitors along with taking valuable inputs from the chief guests, LiveDental brings together all the activity in the dental world to your virtual doorstep. Extending services beyond your expectations, LiveDental also does live streaming of hands-on courses, treatment procedures across India along with cultural and academic events in Dental colleges.

Being the dental practitioner in today’s technology driven medical world, the next time you miss an important dental event or want to catch up on the latest happenings, experience the tremendous ease of access and browse through all the action with just one click.