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They say ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ Well, ideally it should. But in a world which is constantly competing to look prettier than the rest and advancing technology aiding experiments with a woman’s natural beauty, it is important that you pay extra attention to beautifully stand out from the crowd, flaunting that whitening smile and aesthetical beauty.

We at Ivory India believe in delivering the latest and world class information, knowledge and expertise to the professionals working in the fields of dentistry, cosmetology, dermatology, other medical practitioners, pharmacists, medical colleges, plastic surgeons etc. Bringing together international proficiency to help you enhance your practice and quality services, Ivory India will assist you in making your customers happy and deliver facilities they deserve.

Just as a library full of books can never make you feel lonely, Ivory India’s publications will serve as a rich store house of precious information and knowledge that the world is already utilizing to bridge the gap between the seekers of quality and affordable medical assistance and its providers.

Experience unmatched interactivity in a journal and connect with numerous other skilled professionals dealing in similar fields as yours with Ivory India’s three major publications –

Guident – Acquainting you with the latest market trends and advances in dentistry, Guident is your one stop virtual platform and journal mobilizing the local – global and local – world of dental healthcare.

Facethetics – Familiarizing the seekers of such beauty services and their providers, FACETHETIC is a scientific journal incorporating information about the nuances of facial aesthetics and anti-ageing drugs.

Medic Mentor – A shared platform for staying updated with the latest medical trends and developments.