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Face-Enhancement and Rejuvenation Book.

Face the World with Confidence – The Truth About Artificial Facial Treatments

They say the face is the window to the personality. Well, rightly so. Your face speaks volumes about your hidden emotions, thoughts, nature, and overall character of who you truly are. People look at and talk to you face to face to try and understand you better. They read your face to identify what’s going on in your mind.

And that’s precisely the reason why people are so conscious of how they look and how their facial features are shaped. While natural beauty is much more beyond your physical appearance, the advancing technology has encouraged people to experiment with their facial features to get that perfect facial makeover. Probably the most important aspect of a perfect and pretty face is that million dollar smile. To be able to confidently face the world, it is important to have a perfect smile and a healthy mouth. A perfect oral hygiene adds to the beauty of your overall facial enhancements.

So while Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Dental professionals deal with the scientific treatments for better oral hygiene, the advancing facial treatment technology has made it imperative for them to expand their expertise into other facial rejuvenation treatments.

Consumers or seekers of artificially enhanced beauty need to be informed about the beneficial as well as sometimes harmful aspects of artificial facial treatments. Face-Enhancement and Rejuvenation Book is aimed at eliminating the gap between women looking to enhance their beauty through artificial techniques like micro-pigmentation, Botox, stem cell rejuvenation, dermal fillers, cosmetic surgeries etc. and the doctors or experts performing these minimal invasive treatments. In order to prevent aging and preserve their natural beauty, it is important that women are made aware of the right time to opt for such services and more importantly about the need for such treatments.

Demystifying the concerns, popular and often misplaced beliefs about artificial face enhancement, Face-Book is committed to present to its readers the newest therapies and technologies as well as clarify the limitations of each of these beauty treatments. Connecting the expertise of East and West, Face-Enhancement and Rejuvenation Book is authored by two globally well-known Croatian experts in delivering quality facial treatments.

Dr. Ivona Igerc is a practicing minimal invasive surgeon in Europe and South East Asia apart from being a trainer of minimal invasive techniques and conference speaker, and the first foreigner who is a member of Korean Stem Cell Association and Mrs. Ines Vrdoljak-Mudric – a pioneer in her field of micro-pigmentation techniques and famous Makeup Artist in Europe.

Packing in the global expertise of these three internationally acclaimed professionals, Face-Enhancement and Rejuvenation Book is your one stop solution for familiarizing yourself with the true facts about anti-aging and other beauty treatments.